Club Constitution

Club Mission Statement

Since its inception Milngavie Football Club (MFC), which is a natural progression from Milngavie Boys Club has been developed within the town of Milngavie. Over the years, membership of the Club has spread to youngsters from areas outside of Milngavie.

Football at youth level has now been recognised to be an integral part of Scottish football. It has also been recognised that younger ages should be taught the game in a more coherent, tolerant and organised manner.

The Scottish Youth Football Association (SYFA) has responsibility for the administration, education, development and discipline of the game at this level. We now also have an Over 35s under the responsibility of The Scottish Amateur Football Association (SAFA) and Girls Section under Scottish Women’s Football (SWF).

As a result, there is a need for the Club to put in place, a more structured constitution, a statement of which follows.

Name and Colours

The Club shall be called Milngavie Football Club. The Club colours shall be blue and white, ‘Argentina’ style for home kit and red and navy ‘Atletico Madrid’ style or Black Strip for away kit.

Aims and Objectives

  • To encourage participation in and enjoyment of association football
  • To develop the skills of all participating players and officials
  • To develop a positive lifestyle and the fitness of all participating players
  • To provide a positive, safe and competitive environment to play 11 a side football

To provide as and when required, in conjunction with the National Development Plan, the Regional Development Plan and local leagues, educational courses covering player protection, football development, drugs awareness, dietary requirements, first aid or any other relevant education for all participating players and officials.

To promote sportsmanship and fair play in young footballers, officials and parents irrespective of gender, race, religion or social status

Membership of the Club:

Club membership – Youth Football – ages 5 to Amateur

The club will be in membership of the Scottish Youth FA, Scottish Womens Football and the Scottish Amateur FA.

The club must be controlled and managed by a committee approved by the SYFA/SAFA/SWF Executive Committee.  This committee to be not less than two in number and at least one member of the committee should have current possession of a Scottish Football Association Coaching Certificate of relevant standard and a current First Aid Certificate or Sports Injuries Certificate or should obtain such certificates within six months from the club’s

Initial acceptance into membership. The names, addresses and dates of birth of such management committee to be submitted by the club when seeking membership. Membership of the Committee will be 3 years and any change in committee before re-election must be approved by the Club Committee.

The club will have the required insurance cover as determined by the SYFA/SAFA/SWF.

All Officials and Players must undertake to uphold the constitution and rules of both the club and the Scottish Youth FA

The club will fully implement all SYFA/SAFA/SWF. Player Protection Policies

It is incumbent of any Official seeking membership of the club to complete an SYFA/SAFA/SWF self declaration form and a Disclosure Application form.  Any proposed new members will be proposed and second by members of the Executive Committee and be submitted for Disclosure Application checks through the SYFA/SAFA/SWF.


The management of the Club will be vested in a Committee consisting of the Office Bearers and General Committee Members, who will have one vote at any club meeting. The Chairman will have the casting vote. General Committee Members do not have to attend every meeting.

The Office Bearers will be vested in an Executive Committee and they shall have the power to deal with day to day running as they see fit and any matters arising from the activities of the club, club officials and players out with the normal Committee Meetings but shall keep the General Committee informed.

The Club office bearers will consist of the Chair, Secretary /Player Protection Officer, Treasurer, Facilities Manager and Football Development Officer.  All Office bearers shall be elected every 3 years at the AGM.

Committee meetings will normally be held every month if required, but the Secretary shall have the power to convene meetings of the Committee if and when required. Each year dates will be set however these can be changed if there are no ongoing matters.

If a vacancy occurs among the Executive or General Committee during the season, the Committee shall appoint a new office bearer or member at the next Committee Meeting.

The agenda for all Committee Meeting will be alone the lines as follows, however the Secretary can denote the running order:

  1. Chairman’s or Secretary’s opening remarks
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Business arising from the previous minutes
  5. Secretary / Player Protection Report
  6. Treasurers Report
  7. Social Convenor’s Report
  8. Football Development Officer’s Report
  9. Facilities Manager’s Report
  10. Team Reports
  11. Any Other Competent business previously notified

The Club will aim to hold an AGM no later than 30th September each year. Only Committee Members as defined in paragraph 5.  Management or people up for election are eligible to attend the AGM.

The Constitution may be added to or altered by a Resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting duly convened for the purpose, and for the passing of which Resolution at least two-thirds of those present and entitled to vote have voted.

The Committee shall have power to propose additions or alterations to the Constitution for consideration at the Annual General Meeting. These should be submitted in writing for consideration beforehand.

On a requisition signed by one more than half of the Committee the Secretary shall convene a Special General Meeting.

All Club members must be given at least seven (7) days notice of a Special General Meeting.  The agenda of any Special General Meeting will be restricted to the business notified only.

The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting is as follows, however the Secretary can denote the running order:

  1. Chairman’s opening remarks
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Business arising from the previous minutes
  5. Secretary/Player Protection’s Report
  6. Treasurers Report
  7. Football Development Officer’s Report
  8. Facilities Manager’s Report
  9. Changes to the Constitution & Rules.
  10. Election of Office Bearers
  11. Appointment of Independent Review of Accounts
  12. Team Reports
  13. Any Other Competent business previously notified


The annual subscription to the Club shall be set annually for all players by the Committee. Year end will be the 31st of July.

At the end of the financial year, the balance per team will be rolling, so if there is an excess amount available the team can spend on new strips or equipment but a certain amount, agreed at £500 must remain in the Club balance to keep the club running.

The Treasurer will effect all money transactions and shall provide a financial statement for each Committee meeting. All cheques drawn on the clubs bank accounts shall be signed by the Treasurer and the Secretary.

The Treasurer shall give a summary for each meeting of the bank account. The Secretary will also provide a spreadsheet of players fees outstanding. If a player does not pay for more than two months they will be asked to leave the Club.

Prior to any Club purchase, expenditure out with the normal day to day running of the Club must be approved by the committee.

In the event of a new Treasurer being appointed before the AGM, the books must be reviewed before the appointment takes effect.

The Club will pay all League Fees, Affiliation Fees and Cup Entry Fees from the Clubs funds.

All expenses incurred by members of the Club attending to Club business shall be paid out of the clubs funds.

An Independent reviewer of accounts will be appointed at the AGM each year.

All equipment and monies raised using the name of the Club belong to the club.  If the club ceases to exist at any time all equipment and money held by the club must be returned to the secretary within seven days.

If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Club there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid or distributed amongst the members but shall be given or transferred to some other society, institution or organisation having objects similar to the objects of the Club and which shall prohibit the distribution of its income and property among its members to an extent at least as great as is imposed on the club under or by virtue hereof, such a society, institution or organisation to be determined by the full members of the club at or before the time of dissolution and if and so far as effect cannot be given to such provisions then to some charitable object.

Finance Continued.. – Pitches & Lets

It was agreed that one person be responsible for the booking and administration of all Pitches and Lets. No-one else should be requesting or booking these facilities without consulting the Facilities Manager. All cancellations must be made in time otherwise the coaches will be responsible for any charges occurred unless agreed otherwise by Facilities Manager.

In the case of having to book other facilities then an agreement must be met by the Facilities Manager.


No Committee member shall be individually or collectively liable for a debt of the Club, unless that person was solely responsible for the debt being incurred.

No Committee member shall be entitled to make any personal financial gain from the activities of the Club.

Player Protection and Disclosure Applications

The club on seeking membership of the SYFA/SAFA/SWF must complete the official membership application form signing the declaration to enable all club officials to be Disclosure checked.   Any official who does not agree to complete a self declaration form and be Disclosure checked or in the opinion of the SYFA/SAFA/SWF Player Protection Panel fails to attain membership of the SYFA/SAFA/SWF will not be eligible for membership of the club.

The club will appoint a Player Protection Officer.  All club members, players and player’s parents to be advised of the Player Protection Officer’s contact details. Each team now has to have a PPO reporting to the Clubs PPO.

The club and its officials agree and acknowledge that the SYFA/SAFA/SWF Player Protection Policy plus all associated Policies and any amendments thereto shall be binding on the club.

ALL club members including players, officials, spectators or parents must abide by the club’s code of conduct.

The club must ensure ALL club officials complete a Disclosure Scotland Disclosure Application Form plus a SYFA/SAF/SWF Self-Declaration Form, submit them to the relevant SYFA/SAFA/SWF Protection Officer who will on approval send them directly to the National Secretary complete with any Disclosure Application fee.

The club must request Disclosure Scotland Disclosure Application Forms plus SYFA/SAFA/SWF Self-Declaration Forms for ALL officials.  Forms can be obtained from the local SYFA/SAFA/SWF Protection Officer or the National Secretary.

The club must make sure all of its officials are fully conversant with the club’s Protection Policies and the SYFA/SAFA/SWF Player Protection Policy.

The club must make sure all of its officials are fully conversant with the club’s Constitution and Rules and the SYFA/SAFA/SWF Constitution and Rules.

The club must protect all players and officials from all forms of abuse.

The club must accept that all officials must report concerns in respect of any suspected abuse.

The club is committed to eradicating bad practice.

The club will implement all proposals or amendments in respect of player protection policies.

In cases of reported abuse, maintain total confidentiality.  Information must only be shared on a need to know basis i.e. with people who need to know to ensure the child’s health, welfare and development.

Note:  All persons involved in grassroots football have responsibilities to report any suspected or alleged cases of abuse to the relevant Protection Officer.  It is not the official’s responsibility to decide whether or not a player has been abused.


The Club, officials and players shall accept the disciplinary procedures adopted by the SYFA/SAFA/SWF and other relevant Leagues or Associations.  Payments of fines will be the Players responsibility unless it is under exceptional circumstances support by the executive committee, in this case the Club will pay the fine.

The Club shall accept responsibility for the conduct and behaviour of all club officials, players and other individuals associated with the Club.

All club decisions will be subject to the right of appeal to the appeals committee of the SYFA/SAFA/SWF.


A club, player or club representative may appeal to the Appeals Committee against the decision of a league, association, Club, Executive, General Purposes or Regional Executive Committee affecting such club, player or club representative.  Such appeals shall be dispatched to the National Secretary by recorded or registered delivery and in duplicate within seven days of receipt of written notice of the decision of the league, association or club concerned.  A deposit shall be lodged with each appeal. In the case of a player this shall be £30, and in the case of any other appellant it shall be £60.00.  This deposit may be forfeited if the Appeals Committee so decides.  The grounds of appeal must be specifically stated and if the Appeals Committee considers the appeal frivolous or trivial, the appellant may be liable to a financial levy the scale of which shall be fixed annually by the Appeals Committee.

The decision against which any appeal is made will only be set aside when the appeal is received by the National Secretary and found to be in order and confirmation of such from the National Secretary is received in writing by the parties concerned.

Appeals, which relate to any matter affecting the result of a cup-tie or which would interrupt the playing of a competition, shall not be entertained as per the Articles of Association of the Scottish Football Association.

Standing Orders

All meetings shall be chaired by the Chairman or the Secretary.

The agenda will be circulated prior to meetings by the Secretary. Only business identified to the Secretary in writing 72 hours before the meeting will be discussed

Motions can be tabled under appropriate agenda items.  The chairperson having the right to defer discussion of tabled motions

Minutes of previous meetings will be prepared by the Secretary and circulated to members with the agenda for forthcoming meetings.

The quorum for Committee meetings shall be fifty per cent of the members.

All matters not covered by this constitution will be covered by the constitution of the Scottish Youth FA

Team/Club Equipment

For all team / club equipment and strips to be accounted for, and for this outgrown not need by a specific team to be handed down to a younger team. Each team to be responsible for their own audit but to send a copy to the Secretary to have on file.



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